To capture

Do you ever find yourself in a moment, a perfect moment, where you think "Oh! I should grab my camera!!" And then you realize that not even the fanciest camera on earth with the most expensive lens or the best trained eye could capture this perfect moment?

So you just enjoy it, soak it in, and try so hard to burn it on the layers of your brain. To remember this perfect moment for those days in the future when you are no longer welcomed to cuddle the little one to sleep.

Bedtime songs. Twinkle, twinkle.

Crinkled brown nose.
Dimple after dimple after dimple.
Head thrown back with wild, cackling laughter.

That was just for me.

But then tonight, bathtime. Camera readily available.
These I'll share...


  1. wow sara, those are awesome! Belay is still convinced he is able and is cracking up looking at "himself"

  2. Adorable!

    I just read your "About Me" section. I too am a little bit interested in adoption and clean water =) ...and I may just LOVE red wine ...have a Sony Camera ...oh, last summer I stalked Rick Bayless at the Green City BBQ and got a great picture of his mustache. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon in Chicago! Meg

  3. Oh.My.God. How do you stand to be around such utterly joyful cuteness on a daily basis?! :)

  4. sar.... LOVE!!! I love that you capture in pictures when words are inadequate.... and btw.... even tho you mock my love of paper crafts... I could do one hellava 2pg spread with that photo series... I'm just saying'!

  5. i also love that I'm sure his hysterics were spawned by basically nothing but being a happy little boy!