about me

Started this side-blog, which is now my fulltime-blog, as a place to intentionally think about the things most important to me and then write about them or capture them in images.

I am passionate about all of the following, in no particular order:  cooking, adoption, health (yours and mine), family, picture taking, sustainability (of all kinds), travel, my son (okay this one should be first), clean water (for all), music, doing good, and doing better.

I love sunshine, dirty jokes (hearing them, not telling them-- i'm a lady!), take-out food, red wine, random trivia, coffee, perfectly-placed expletives, and Rick Bayless.

The goal is to post frequently and document life in images with greater purpose .  Also to get {NICE!} feedback on my photos.  I am not, and have never claimed to be, a photographer.  I'm a novice, but I want to learn oh-so-much more.  Kind, constructive criticism only, please.

My camera is a Sony A33 DSLR.  I know, I know.. you are probably cringing at that you Nikon/Canon-loving-crazy-person.  But I like my camera, I really do! I am still shooting with the kit lens, and when I get a windfall soon, I'm going to buy a new lens. 

Yes, I am one of those people that believes I will win the lottery without ever having played it.  You should probably know that about me, too.