do good and do better.

A friend was trying to come up with a word or phrase to be her inspiration/motivation for her goals for the upcoming year. I decided I wanted to do the same, because I am original like that.

On the third day of this new year, I've finally settled on mine:

Do good. And do better.

I have twenty pages of a handful of resolutions (god, i love making those...it's an illness), but I wanted to find a phrase that would encompass all of them and keep me on track in a grander kind of way. I thought this might help me remember the reason that I'm (trying to) exercise more, eat more healthily, parent with heart, make time for the things I really love, and communicate more compassionately. All of these things will help me to do more good in the world and do it better.

Easy. Right?
This one has made a NY commitment to baby wearing. Or, Elmo-wearing. He wears him kangaroo-style.
I don't question his nurturing tendencies.


  1. If you're talking about me, then know that I got the idea from another friend last year so I'm not original either! :) Love your intention and I hope 2012 treats you well.

  2. What a sweetie with his Elmo wearing!

  3. Love the Elmo-wearing. Somewhere I have a picture with Ezra's favorite elephant zipped up in his sweatshirt...makes me miss those days.

  4. LOL! Ella has been making us tie her new baby to her with a blanket lately ;)

  5. Love that cute little Elmo-wearer.