To capture

Do you ever find yourself in a moment, a perfect moment, where you think "Oh! I should grab my camera!!" And then you realize that not even the fanciest camera on earth with the most expensive lens or the best trained eye could capture this perfect moment?

So you just enjoy it, soak it in, and try so hard to burn it on the layers of your brain. To remember this perfect moment for those days in the future when you are no longer welcomed to cuddle the little one to sleep.

Bedtime songs. Twinkle, twinkle.

Crinkled brown nose.
Dimple after dimple after dimple.
Head thrown back with wild, cackling laughter.

That was just for me.

But then tonight, bathtime. Camera readily available.
These I'll share...


do good and do better.

A friend was trying to come up with a word or phrase to be her inspiration/motivation for her goals for the upcoming year. I decided I wanted to do the same, because I am original like that.

On the third day of this new year, I've finally settled on mine:

Do good. And do better.

I have twenty pages of a handful of resolutions (god, i love making those...it's an illness), but I wanted to find a phrase that would encompass all of them and keep me on track in a grander kind of way. I thought this might help me remember the reason that I'm (trying to) exercise more, eat more healthily, parent with heart, make time for the things I really love, and communicate more compassionately. All of these things will help me to do more good in the world and do it better.

Easy. Right?
This one has made a NY commitment to baby wearing. Or, Elmo-wearing. He wears him kangaroo-style.
I don't question his nurturing tendencies.